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Dec 11, 2012 5:00pm PST
fraudulent activity. add that to the waste=qvwz and t mismanagement of state government and i think it has taxpayers crashing -- scratching their heads. >> one edd technician helped two illegally obtain $100,000 of benefits. a natural resources agency executive allowed 50,000s ndz commuting costs reimbursed. a fish and game supervisor required a farmer leasing land from the state to provide him with $5,000 in home depot gift cards. for a year a department of education employee has since resigned filled a workday posting almost 5,000 comments to stories on the sacramento bee web site. most ofpf'he hits reported to the hot line came from state worker who's care about how taxpayer money is being spent. most are good, hard working employees. >> should be good stewards of the funds and should be vigilant of that. >> groups want more uncovered. >> the day-to-day oversite of the government is not very sexy. but it's where action is. and frankly, it's where taxpayer money can be saved.÷÷d >> since the hot line was established in 1993, 526 cases have resulted in reprimand, terminations or
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
all rules were complied with. >> the federal government file aid lawsuit against makers of a baby recliner blamed on the death of five people. >> it's a consumer alert. >> the complaint by the consumer products safety commission charges the new model of the nap nanny and two earlier versions of being dangerous. the portable recliner has been blamed for five deaths. two previous models recalled back in 2010. the new version is known as the chill. the commission asking for an order requiring nap nanny maker to notify the public about the product defect and offer consumers a full refund. big kaimpkz may be ahead for facebook unless users act now. the company wants to be able to share your data with businesses like instagram. wants to change the way you control who sends you messages. users being asked to vote on the change but unless 300 million people vote results will not be binding. ah, ha. you have until monday to let the company know how you feel. facebook posted a voting app on its site this, is the last chance to apply to get 25s fdz you bought a lap top or lcd television befo
Dec 7, 2012 5:00pm PST
. >> the government's monthly jobs report better than expected last month, showing the economy added 146,000 new jobs in november. bringing unemployment rate to 7.7 prgs, that is lowest in four years. california farmers want to hire more, but can't knlt. a report shows 61% reported having a shortage of workers on the farm. waits worse for farmer growsing labor intensive crops like vegetables and crop crops -- grapes. 71% said they're short on employees. the pew report says the number of unauthorized immigrants commonly known to worng farms remained constant over three years. >> pilots at american airlines approved a new labor contract. the union addressed -- announced results today saying 74% of the pilots voted to ratify the contract. pilots will pay pay raises and own 13% of the parent company, likely clearing the way with a merger with u.s. airway autos san francisco school officials invited america's toughest p1Ñ wria letter after denying them a chance to speak to their class in person. the sheriff happens to be in san francisco for a conference. he received a bundle of letters
Dec 9, 2012 5:00pm PST
government is planning for the possibility of cuts. the white house ordered the military to plan on slashing 500 billion from the military, and funding for schools well be cut 8.2%. some outside a void the cliff including eliminating the tax deduction for charitable donations and home owners will not be able to deduct their interest, and this area, nobe. north oakland, berkeley and emeryville. >> one business owner says the name nobe may be young and new and fresh but the old name is fine. residents would like this area to remain the golden gate district of north oakland. >> amelia has lived in the north oakland house for 30 years. >> this is a long-standing north oakland community being swallowed up by real estate agents. reporter: she does not like the idea that real estate agents and brokers are selling her neighborhood as nobe. north oakland, berkeley, and emeryville, she says it's a plan to sanitize the year and boast prices. >> we're being a pawn right now in this game of real estate prices and people wanting to think of oakland as only the bad news they see at shootings. >> f
Dec 4, 2012 5:00pm PST
one taken into custody for resisting arest and interfering with government business. this law will not take affect until february to give opponents a chance to be heard in federal court. they say a ban on being naked in city streets, sidewalks and plaz yaz violates their civil rights. >> this is just going that way, it's a crush to my generation. >> it's been a issue in the castro and elsewhere. and after two years, i am trying to avoid dealing with it. i felt, i had to deal witness. i stand by this legislation. i'm happy to see it pass. and to move on to other thing autos seven people detained one woman put in a van, taken into custody for resisting arest. let me tell but a little oddity here at city hall with this vote. the first tinl around a couple weeksing ayork waits 6.5, today, 7-4 looked like scott weiner picked up support but the supervisor says no. i was just distracted and i accidentally voted in favor of the ban. she asked for the vote retaken it was, again, 6-5 in favor of banning public nudity. >> this led to an arrest of a san francisco blogger who sent a picture of
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5